Fire Protection 

Fire Protection in Buses, Trucks, Coaches, Boats, and Specialty Vehicles


Fire Detection - Robust Fire Detectors for Engine Compartments

New processes to economize fuel consumption and exhaust treatment in vehicles are generating additional heat in the engine compartment, creating a higher probability that conditions in the engine can cause a fire incidence. Higher fuel injection pressures in modern diesel engines can easily cause a fire if one of the fuel pipes leaks. 

The evolution of the thermostat from pure thermal switch to a full fire monitoring system was a logical step for a quick detection of a fire in the engine compartment or undercarriage of buses, trains, and armored vehicles.  Our fire detectors, protectively housed in brass, plastic (PA66), or Teflon (PTFE), have been proven reliable and accurate in tests performed at the Frauenhofer Institute in Germany, and are among the top competitors in their division.

Resistant to temperature variations, stones, salt, vibrations, impacts, and other environmental factors, firedect’s fire detectors are reliable and accurate, providing precision detection in extreme conditions.


Fire Warning System – Fire Alarm Display

An increased risk of fire in public transport vehicles and the associated international regulations (UN/ECE) require school buses, city buses, and coaches to be retrofitted with fire alarm systems to protect passengers.

firedect has developed an innovative and effective fire warning system designed to be retrofit into buses, trucks, ferries, yachts, and armored vehicles.  The system can continuously monitor up to 50 fire and smoke detectors and can be easily connected to the fire alarm display through a sensor chain, providing visual and auditory warnings to the vehicle operator in the event of a fire. 


Suppression System - water mist is the most effective method of fighting fires

firedect’s automatic high-pressure extinguishing system not only provides security and protection for vehicles and occupants, but is also ideal for retrofitting in buses, trucks, and armored vehicles, and incorporates the most effective method of fighting fires – water mist.

The water is atomized at 200 bar pressure and nozzles discharge the water mist.  The increased surface area of the water droplets produces an immediate cooling effect and displaces oxygen in the engine compartment, smothering the fire.  The level of the extinguishing agent in the bottle can be lowered without losing the effectiveness of the spray.  Water mist is the most efficient extinguishing agent and is ideal for use with conventional diesel engines, electric motors, and high pressure systems.  The mist creates a fog that is non-conductive and minimizes water damage.

firedect’s suppression system was proven to be the most powerful and reliable system on the market in tests performed by the University of Istanbul.  When tested, our system successfully suppressed all fires and prevented a reflare of the fire. 

In case of fire, the evacuation of the passengers has the highest priority, and the evacuation time is very limited. Our goals is to maximize this available time and to provide an optical and acoustic warning to the driver and our customers.