Spot Fire Detectors

Fast-response temperature sensor with a bimetal snap disk.  The sensor is available with plastic casing (PA66) or Teflon casing (PTFE).  The sensor is resistant to water and dust (IP65, IP68, or IP69K).  We can provide a mounting flange for the engine compartment upon request.


  • Test Capability

  • Variable Temperature Range

  • Extendable Sensor Chain


Linear Heat Detectors (Linear Detector)

The Protectowire linear detector is a sensor cable with two metal conductors separated by a heat-sensitive polymer.  In the event of a fire, the polymer melts and the metal conductors come into contact with each other, sending a signal to firedect’s control unit, which will trigger an alarm.

The Linear Detector has many temperature ranges and cable types which make it ideal for any application.  The sensor cable is available for the following classes:

  • EPC (Universal Application / Industrial & Commercial)

  • EPR (Weather-Proof / High Temperature)

  • TRI (Early Warning System)

  • XCR (Abrasion and Chemical Resistance)

  • XLT (Universal Application / Low Temperature)

For detailed descriptions, please refer to the data sheet.


  • Easy Assembly

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Large Area Coverage


Fire Detectors in the Engine Compartment of Buses, Trucks, Boats, and Specialty Vehicles

Types of Fire Detectors
Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Switching
VT-M16-120°C A2 - NC/NO
VT-M16-120°C A2/M - NC/NO
VT-M16-175°C A2 - NC/NO
VT-M16-175°C A2/M - NC/NO
Linear Heat Detectors
Temperature Range 57°C ~ 180°C